Friday, 21 December 2012

[CFW] PRO|MOD c5-03 v23 NOW Release!

15.12.2012 PRO|MOD c5-03 v23 NOW Release! upcoming next RM ^_^(Coolest & fastest CFW for Symbian )

 UPDATE Virson(13/3/2013)CLICK HERE


- touch sense is now better
- writing speed is now better
- Belle refresh power menu mod with symbols is added shared by uropb*
- mini qwerty keypad mod added shared by uropb*
- n8 equalizer and codec mod remoded by me
- n8 web agent and n8 web speed is injected mod by me (exclusive)
- skins are changed
  * flames_DI by default
  * nokia belle _DI for topbar compatibility
- ui responce is now at smoothness and most speed
- sysap ant splashscreens are modded by me
- startup animation modded by bro Apex666
- isms is back at messaging
- sent item saves up 999 messages
- gallery buffers faster
- e:/cities folder is FILE HIDER
- music path reads in e:/PROMOD_MUSIC
- are *.DLL files a reformated for exclusive ui speed
- sounds is now louder and clearer
- camera capture is noe better and clearer
- new patch
- font is modded with new sets of navibars and new digital numbers
- close and open odf apps is quiker than my last updates
- swipe to unlock text is change to -=PRo|MOD=-
- general profile is rename to -=PRO|MOD=-
- Bt name is -=PRo|MOD=- as default
- bt scan/send/recieve now faster
- better wifi scaning
- heap size is now remodded
- prevent apps to run background after close
- start image is made by me


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