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[CFW] PRO|MOD c5-03 v23 NOW Release!


15.12.2012 PRO|MOD c5-03 v23 NOW Release! upcoming next RM ^_^(Coolest & fastest CFW for Symbian )

 UPDATE Virson(13/3/2013)CLICK HERE


- touch sense is now better
- writing speed is now better
- Belle refresh power menu mod with symbols is added shared by uropb*
- mini qwerty keypad mod added shared by uropb*
- n8 equalizer and codec mod remoded by me
- n8 web agent and n8 web speed is injected mod by me (exclusive)
- skins are changed
  * flames_DI by default
  * nokia belle _DI for topbar compatibility
- ui responce is now at smoothness and most speed
- sysap ant splashscreens are modded by me
- startup animation modded by bro Apex666
- isms is back at messaging
- sent item saves up 999 messages
- gallery buffers faster
- e:/cities folder is FILE HIDER
- music path reads in e:/PROMOD_MUSIC
- are *.DLL files a reformated for exclusive ui speed
- sounds is now louder and clearer
- camera capture is noe better and clearer
- new patch
- font is modded with new sets of navibars and new digital numbers
- close and open odf apps is quiker than my last updates
- swipe to unlock text is change to -=PRo|MOD=-
- general profile is rename to -=PRO|MOD=-
- Bt name is -=PRo|MOD=- as default
- bt scan/send/recieve now faster
- better wifi scaning
- heap size is now remodded
- prevent apps to run background after close
- start image is made by me


- iDecompress
- Belle_topbar
  * modded skin exclusive for PRO|MOD CFW ONLY
- Belle Clock
  * 7 modded skin by me exclusive for PRo|MOD CFW
- i-Sms
  * added 5 skins
- metro calculator
  * best claculator i have ever used
- Menu Bar
  * modded by me exclusive located at side panels
- Autoinstaller
- Superscreenshot
  * added a modded watermark for PRO|MOD CFW only with my signature
- memcheck
- Bt reciever
- Kill me
- Rompatcher
- dial pad (for my favorite live screen)
- live screen shortcuts are remodded

C Drive -> 101.53mb
RAM -> 61.49mb (59.72mb after running screenshot)


1. before flsahing to delete the following folders present in your memory card
  * DATA
  * SYS
Download instruction- Click on link, Wait 5seconds then click on

UPDATE Virson(13/3/2013)CLICK HERE 

* DOWNLOAD NEVAR27.ZIP Click here  and extract it in memory card (e:/nevar27/boot)

* download LIVE HS >Click here<   and extract it in E:/

3.  flash my flash file via Phoenix

Download PRO|MOD c5-03v23 FLASH FILE

PRO|MOD c5-03 v23

4. after flshing do a reformat *#7370#

5  the after reformating install the following
   *EXEMASTER Click here
   *Xplore (no link to follow form rules)

6. reboot

7. after fully rebooted dont touch phone for 30secs

8. resume usuall gadget usage

9. enjoy ^_^

10. If you rebo0t and t0pbar n0t w0rking just dr0p this in c:/data/belle_topbar http://lnx.lu/0Hrh

REFURBISH/FIX PROMOD ROFS2 ->  Download from here


a. earphone quite speaker
b. remove restart option in power menu
c. added LongPressRestart patch (turn ON and ADD to AUTO if you want restart option)
d. added lock keys option in power menu
e. revert to XtrEmE icon pack to fix the theme reboot problem
f. ovi is totally disabled so use web to search/download apps  in ovi
G. Music scan in e:/PROMOD_MUSIC


*STEP 1*
1. DOWNLOAD SIX OFW v23 files - Links Here

2. DOWNLOAD my PRO|MOD c5-03 v23 (if u already download it then don't download it)

1) place the "RM-697 folder"(found in my 1st page) in Program Files -> Nokia -> phoenix -> Products

2) turn ON CP, connect it to PC(wait till the PC recognize your CP model)

3) disconnect your phone from computer and turn it off

4) prepare phone to flash with phoenix

 open phoenix ->
 press 'File' ->
 choose 'open product' from file menu ->
 choose RM-697 ->
 in connection select 'NO CONNECTION' ->
 open 'Flashing' Menu and choose Firmware Update ->
 choose product code from the 3dots [ ... ]/browse button ->
 select 059G9Z6: C5-03 RM-697 CTR  APAC2 PH BLACK BURNED ORANGE ->
 press 'ok' ->
 check 'Dead USB' ->
 go to 'options' button ->

 then Delete following files -
 a. C5-03_SW_MC012_45_2G_6.0.fpsx
 b. RM-697_23.0.015_C01_prd.rofs3.fpsx

--> then click the .C00 file, click edit, choose the .C00 file in 'PRO|MOD' folder
--> then click the .rofs2.V19 file, click edit, choose the .rofs2.V19 file in 'PRO|MOD folder
--> then click the .uda file, click edit, choose the RM697_719_015_U001.uda.fpsx in the 'PRO|MOD' folder
--> press 'ok'
--> press REFURBISH' button and follow instructions given at the time of flashing.
--> click 'ok'

5) now connect your OFF CELLPHONE to computer

6) Wait until a pop-up message appears saying that flashing is complete. Done.



1. goto setting/personal/HS/HS theme/select "BASIC"

2. goto menu/Installed/
   * run menu bar
   * press hide
   (you can set it as Auto by using exemaster app)

1. goto menu/tools
   * run rompatcher
   * turn ON and ADD to auto the No statusbar patch

2.  goto menu/tools/
   * run kill me
   * kill homescreen
   (after reboot goto rompatcher turn off nostatusbar patch.
     then goto kill me if Homescreen is not present in "A" section,
     then search it in "B" section and select move to removable
     then go back to "A" section (run rompatcher and turn ON and ADD TO AUTO the notopbar patch)
     then Kill homescreen) tricky aren't it?  ^_^

3.  goto menu/installed
  * run topbar
  * turn ON auto start and proximity
  * set topbar visibility as "UNHIDE"
   (you can set as auto start using exemaster)


1. goto rompatcher
2. turn ON and add to auto 3in1 patch


keyboard unlock time set to 20sec by me
music player volume is set to max by me
voice recognition sensitivity max 10 by me
character encoding support all character by me
real player set to max volume as default by me
bt name as default is S^Nimble-PRO_CANDY^XtremE by me
browser name mod to ^ExtremE by me
alfappserver.exe maximum CPU time 82, default frame rate 24 by [COLOR="Blue"]bro 1011054v[/COLOR] (thanks a lot bro)
handset and handsfree mode speaker volume is set to max as default by me
recieved files are directed ti e:/
light intensity is set to 50 (speed boost not affect the battery) by me
light sensitivity is set to 30 (speed boost not affect the battery) by me
backlight off time is set 20sec by me
program launch time is set to .75sec by me
untrusted software vendore pop disable for faster installation by me
rofs2/copy-c/resource/patches deleted
breathing light ON by default by me
wifi sensitivity max by me
heap size max by me
startup sound max by me
remove lag in messaging lag by DjRaz
NEW anna s60toolbars icon by original creator thanks
new theme effect manifest ?enhance by me
sent msg is now 9999
new integrated themes
idecompress is integrated
new burning orange busy circle
new startup images and sounds
new splashscreen by bro meftuni

NEW icon pack Gado^Gado (N9 & Glossy & Anna ?Iconpack)original c6 ported
BUT i manage to make some TOUCH to work on OFW bas

UPDATE Virson (13/3/2013) = CLICK HERE
Previous version Click Here

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