Sunday, 15 April 2012

CellphoneSoft Swiss Manager Pro


CellphoneSoft Swiss Manager Pro for S60V5, S^3, Anna-Belle

CellphoneSoft Swiss Manager Pro: Swiss Manager Pro by CellphoneSoft (also known as SMP) is a powerful application and is in my opinion one of the must  have apps for any Nokia S60 Symbian OS device. Essentially Swiss Manager Pro brings the functions of 3 separate applications into one and offers you an all in one utility solution.
It includes an extremely useful Task Manager function, a powerful File Explorer/Manager feature and an in depth System Info function. This application comes with over 3 individual settings page that can help you to customize every single aspect of your app. With one click or a tap on your touchscreen device you can schedule launching of a app, clean up system memory, change font size, view a great deal of info about almost anything on your phone.

At first look the Task Manager function seems like that of many other stand alone task managers out there but once you start to explore the options you will notice the true power of this application. It can show and close any hidden or running apps which includes system processes that otherwise will only be terminated if you reboot your phone. The File Manager can help you explore hidden applications and zip packages which otherwise would be impossible to view without it. Related to the File Manager is my favorite part of the Swiss Manager Pro – the System Info Tool. The System Info tool is very well implemented on this application and it allows you to view all kinds of info ranging from the simple IMEI to individual hardware parts of the phone.

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