Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Kasvopus 1.1 - Facebook Client


Kasvopus 1.1 - Facebook Client for s60v5 - S^3 - Anna belle

Kasvopus is Facebook client with friendly user interface. Most of your familiar features are supported like status sharing, liking and commenting friends statuses. GPS enabled devices also support checkins with Facebook Places. You can also tag your friends when checking-in to places. You can also browse photo albums and photos.

I'm using official QT 4.7.3 + QTmobility 1.1.3 (installed to c: phone memory) and Kasvopus works perfectly with it (Borg also).


1. if Kasvopus or Borg doesn't start then:
- you're using the QT 4.7.2 which was ONLY FOR S^3. - Smartphonecity.in - if you forced the install and now can't uninstall or upgrade to QT 4.7.3 for S60v5 then you have to do hard reset...
- you're using QT 4.7.1 / 4.7.3 (or "fake" 4.7.2) for S60v5 modded/repacked version (installing to E:) then probably that's not perfect.

2. if you get "the script on this page appears to have a problem" message after first login (by application registration step) then try to use another internet connection and make sure that's not a filtered connectio, you're not behind of a proxy server or using good (internet) APN by mobile internet.

3. if application installed succesfuly but you can't start (nothing happens whe you tap to icon) then probably your QT environment is wrong. Borg and Kasvopus is very sensitive to QTmobility. Try to uninstall all components (qt, qtinstaller, qtmobility, qtwebkit, pips, openc_ssl, standard c++, sqlite3) and install again the official QT 4.7.3 and QTmobility 1.1.3. Official = must be signed by Nokia, if sign is missing then that's not an official package!!!

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