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TTPOD HONE 4.40 Compatibility S60V5,S^1 and S^3 Devices






KEYS Feature of TTpod

● Full support for S^3 and S60v5 devices 

● Special interface for control using touch screen

● Supported formats: MP3 AAC, WMA and M4A

● Built-in equalizer

● Sound fade, stereo widening and bass boost effects

● Support for skins and visual effects

● Ability to download songs, album covers and lyrics

● Online access to music charts 

● Sleep timer

● Mini-player in background mode and many more features

Changelog of TTPOD 4.40: 

● Fixed bug of ID3 tags reading(Re-scan Songs after Removing Playlists)
● Reduced Startup Time
● Solved problem of Auto Playback after Calls
● Fixed alarm Problem on S^3 devices
● Personal Support Center, QQ Mini-Player on Home-screen. Changelog of TTPOD HON3 4.40:
 ● No Patch Required...Patch Included in Application
● Totally New Player UI Theme
● WP7 Navigation Icons in Library
● New Awesome Custom OOID Icon Pack
● New Toggle Switches
● Custom Theme with Custom MiniPlayer
● New Splash
● 50+ Best Skins (No Crap )
● 10 Skins Included in Application
● 40+ Skins in Extra Pack
● 50 Visualization Added
● Same Speed as the Basic One

 Supported phones: 

Nokia: 5230, 5232, 5233, 5235, 5238, 5288, 5250, 5530, 5800,C5-03, C6, N97, N97 mini, C6-01, C7, E7, N8.......
 Others: X6 Sony Ericsson U1i (Satio), U5i(Vivaz), U8i (Vivaz pro) Samsung i8910 HD

 Instructions for Smooth Functioning and Bugless Application: 

● Back-Up your TTPOD Folder to a Safe Place(Neither in Root of C: nor E:)
● Remove previous TTPOD Folder present in either MMC or Phone Memory of your phone(If Present)
● Uninstall Patch for Run if Already Installed.
● If Patch is Already Included in CFW then Download and Install The Non-Patch Inclusion App.

TTPOD H0N3 4.40 - Downloads With Patch- here

 Downlod 40+ skins- here

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